June 18, 2012

Origami Owl

Some background on the company Origami Owl
Origami Owl's story starts with a teenager and a dream. This company was founded by 14 year-old Isabella in the fall of 2010. Fueled by a goal to raise enough money to buy a car for her 16th birthday, she started the business with $350 worth of babysitting money and a matched contribution from her parents. She sold her unique line of personalized jewelry at home parties and events and quickly realized that this brand has an energy all its own. People absolutely love creating and wearing personalized jewelry that has meaning and is special to them.
Origami Owl's signature jewelry collections are available online and through trained Independent Designers, who sell products exclusively at home parties and events-just as Isabella did from the very beginning! Our parties are a fun way to bring together a group of friends for a unique, memorable and highly personalized experience.
Origami Owl is strongly united in the core belief that: if you can dream it, you can do it. Whether you aspire to raise money to further your education, buy your first home or go on a dream vacation-it's all possible with hard work and dedication.
I had the opportunity to interview Jennifer Hudnet an Independent Designer for Origami Owl:
 - How/when did you first hear about Origami Owl?
I first heard of Origami Owl after doing some research on my own. I was looking for a unique opportunity to provide for my family while being a stay at home mom.  So, I googled new direct sales companies, as I had been in direct sales since I was 20.  Origami Owl was at the top of the list.  I read the story, and knew just then I had to be a part of this amazing company.

- Do you have a favorite jewelry item from Origami Owl that you wear all of the time?
I have many signature pieces that I wear on a regular basis.  The first is my living lockets.  I love that you can create multiple looks everyday by changing the charms.  I can match my outfit or tell my life's story, or even make a memory locket of a lost loved one.  I wear 2 lockets, which is easy to do because we have different fashion chains to chose from and each have a different length.  Lastly, is my wish locket.  This is one of our newest assets to our line.  Inside is a cute message, and on the back is a place to write a wish.  I keep it near and dear to me, as my wish is to change as many lives as I can through the love of Origami Owl.

-  How did you become an exclusive designer for Origami Owl? 
Becoming a designer was the best decision of my life.  I emailed Origami Owl's nest (home office) - as they are still very small, to find a designer to sign under.  They put me in contact with my mentor and I met her and signed up that night.  Anyone can become a designer, as the companies message is to share the opportunity and bless others lives.  And I have to say I have been blessed beyond measure.  This company is beyond amazing and so supportive.  I am happy to be a part of my owl family.

I will having a Giveaway on my YouTube channel, lilfeefifofum, within the next couple weeks! Keep an eye out if you would like to win a beautiful piece of Origami Owl jewelry!  The winner would receive a medium locket with 3 charms and a dangle a $50 value!

Check out the Origami Owl Website: www.jenniferhudnet.origamiowl.com


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